What's the brand of that yellow jockstrap you wore with those tiny jean shorts [has a p logo on back]? Also you are one hot muscle bottom.

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Thanks stud! Being a big muscle bottom is hot! The logo on that jock strap says Priape Body.

JT I am about to start going back to the gym after 3 years and + 50lb, and I don't know where to start. What would you advise?

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I guess you want to loose some weight (fat) and gain muscle mass? It’s hard to do both at the same time since you need to eat a lot to gain muscle. Either you can start lifting weight to gain muscle mass and after some time (hard to say how long, depends on your training results) go on a strict diet and eat to keep muscle mass but loose fat, kind of the same diet that bodybuilders use to become more definied. But that’s a hard way to do it. I guess it’s easier (but still takes a lot of effort!) to first loose the 50lbs through a good diet and a mix of weight lifting and cardio. After that you could start building more muscle through increased weight lifting and a good diet. Either way you do it takes a lot of time and effort. It’s not easy to build muscle (and loose fat). You’ll need to focus on it. The hardest thing is usually to start!

I won’t go in on more details about how you should workout. It’s sometimes hard to explain through text. I’ve written a bit more about my training here. A tip is to get a personal trainer or to join a buddy who has experience in training so any of them can show you how to workout. Otherwise you can check out workout videos on internet, buy books about bodybuilding (with explaining pics) and so on.

For diet tips, just be strict: throw out any junk food you might have at home. Buy new healthy food. Focus on eating protein (to avoid risking muscle breakdown) from good sources with low fat, like chicken and tuna. But also some vegetable sources contains good protein, like peas, beens and grain. You can read more about diet tips on the internet.

Good luck!

How old were you when you knew your were gay? Big fan and love your blog :D perfect body and ass

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Thank u very much man! I guess I’ve known about my sexuality since I was a boy, though it took some time to get used to it and accept it when I was in my teens. But happy about it now. If I wouldn’t be gay I probably wouldn’t have found out how good it feels to get fucked! Lol.

In terms of body size, who was the smallest guy you've been fucked by?

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Haha, hard to say.. A guy that’s quite thin but still fit and a little shorter than I am. But there’s been more than one who looks like that. ;)

hey stud. you are absolutely beautiful and you're inspiring me to start wearing thongs. however, im having a hard time adjusting to them. do you wear thongs on a daily basis? do they get more comfortable?

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Hey! Thanks! Happy to inspire you man. I wear thongs almost daily, usually at the gym, under tights. I’ve always liked the feeling of a thong. The back strap between my butt cheeks rubs my manpussy so good! Perhaps you’ll get used to the feeling after a while. A suggestion to make it more comfortable you could wear a thong with a thin butt strap.