Hey, I'm just wondering about the prostate. I start to play with a dildo few times recently and didn't really enjoy until the last session, where it hit something and it makes me want to pee. It feels weird initially but after a while it feels really nice and when I increased the pace, it makes me go crazy in a good way. Am I hitting the spot?

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Hi! It’s not always easy finding the male clit. It’s not uncommon to get the kind of sensations you describe (the urine bladder is located just above the prostate). But it seems like you’re on a good way buddy! Just keep it up and you’ll learn even better how to find that special spot!

thats a sweet hole u got id love to fuck the cum out of u some time u take loads safe or raw

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Thanks stud! I love fresh, raw cum fillin’ up my hole! It’s great extra protein. (As long as the guy is healthy.)

God damn. I'm normally a bottom, but there's something about you that makes me want to fuck the hell out of your ass. Unf!

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Hot man! Perhaps you’ll get a chance to fill me up sometime!

Wow you have an amazing body. And your ass is to DIE for. How many squats were done to mold that beautiful butt?? Probably 1000s lol!

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Thanks! I have no idea man, haha. A lot of squats over the years!

The other day, I had a hot guy on my table, he had such a big round ass, eventually after i was done, I ate out his sweet puffy pussy lips, I made him cum just from eating his snatch, I want to do that to you one day.

Hey Muscle Fan! That sounds really hot! My manpussy lips usually gets swollen when I’m horny and even more puffy after fucking. I love when a guy lick and suck on them!

You may have answered this before, but if you haven't, how do you get so smooth? Especially in the butt. I like to be smooth but I always end up getting frustrated.

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I exfoliate my skin (a good way to do it is to use a loofah in the shower) and I use body lotion.

Dreaming of you.

At first I thought you being a bottom, you didn’t have much up front. Boy was I wrong. I’m sure you get a lot of looks in the gym, have you had sex in the gym with testosterone body builder. I wonder if steroids can be absorbed up the ass. Love the work you’ve done, thanks for letting us see!

Hi John! I would say I have a lot of meat all over my body, coming from both good genes and a lot of hard weightlifting. Thanks for noticing it, haha. I haven’t fucked in the gym or locker room. But a few times I’ve let guys finger my hole in the sauna. That’s hot! Then I’ve discretely lifted my ass a little so the guy can stick his hand under it from behind and reach my hole with one finger or two. Then we sit like that while he’s rubbing my pussy and no one else notices. It’s awesome! The only thing is that we both have to hide our hard-ons with our towels or something. I have to make the guy stop after while though unless I’m gonna cum!

You are fucking beautiful mate. You make this 8" SoCal Latin man throb and crave a deep breeding with that perfect man pussy of yours. Amazing pictures. I could eat your cum dumpster hole for hours. Ever in San Diego? My partners a bottom. Having you two lined up would be a tops dream. -cheers.

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Hey! Thanks! Perhaps you can breed me sometime man, that’s really hot! I don’t visit California very often though.